We offer a wide variety of services for our clients. Regardless of the type of industry our clients serve, we have the tools, resources, infrastructure and experience to provide the solutions required:

  • Cross Dock

    Cross Dock

  • Pick Up & Delivery

    Pick Up & Delivery

  • Transloading


  • Storage/Warehousing


  • Hold for Pick Up

    Hold for Pick Up

  • Tractor/Trailer Parking

    Tractor/Trailer Parking

  • Yard Marshaling

    Yard Marshaling

  • Office Rentals

    Office Rentals


In the warehouse and transportation industry, rates are always hidden and vary wildly from customer to customer making it impossible to properly cost your business. Concealed fees, accessorial charges being applied after the work is completed, and random rate increases are common practice.

At Edmonton Cross Dock, we believe all business relationships should be built on a foundation of transparency.

No secrets here! In fact, we encourage you to request a copy today to share with your friends and peers, and invite them to try Edmonton Cross Dock for themselves!

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