About Us


Founded in 2020 by a team of industry professionals, Edmonton Cross Dock was created with a single purpose in mind – to disrupt and transform the out-dated model of cross docking. Our founders believed that regardless of size, scope, or depth, all carriers should have access to infrastructure to support their operations. The solution? A pay per use facility that does not exclude customer base through fixed cost lease agreements, but instead, welcomes all on an as need basis. Whether you have one truck or fifty, Edmonton Cross Dock’s variable cost model solution will provide the support needed to back stop your operation – with no overhead.

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Our mission at Edmonton Cross Dock is to be the premium source for cross dock and logistics support to carriers in Edmonton and surrounding area. Leveraging our professional experience to provide unique solutions, and by marketing our differentiated variable cost model, we seek to develop a true alternative for carriers who would otherwise be excluded from traditional cross dock facilities and services.

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  • Always allow our clients to own the relationship with their customers
  • Provide high quality service and infrastructure for all our customers
  • Safe work practices to ensure your freight is handled with care
  • Commit to ongoing training and education for our teams
  • Continually improve our processes to streamline customer experience
  • Invest and adopt technology to provide fast, accurate and cost-effective service
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